• 2016 ANAHAT guest house, CROWD FUNDING

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    These articles will guide you into the process of Crowd Funding organised for ANAHAT the Guest house reconstruction

    You will find different options/ articles

     "I want to make a DONATION NOW, i dont need more explanation"....if you are in a hurry to donate!

    "I want to know everything about the RECONSTRUCTION plan and HOW my money will be used"

    "I want information about the YUNUS EMRE farm project"

    "I want to know the STORY of the farm and its inhabitants"

    " I want to know WHY this farm needs again money to survive?"

    "I want to donate for a SPECIFIC purpose/ construction"

    "I want to FINANS one building of the farm"

    "I want to INVEST money in the farm, what are the condition?"

    "I want to JOIN the Yunus Emre farm's project, is it possible? how?"