YES BIG SURPRISES GIVEN BY LIFE ONCE AGAIN ... Where we find that plans do not hold in front of unexpected life !

    First surprise: Back with this money received from the Donation campaign, i learn that it is time to pay the Lawyer's FEES... 5000 EUROS !!

    And you know how high the Euro has become in just one month time ...

    I manage to explain to our lawyer that this is impossible for the farm and we negotiate some delay.

    I will pay 2000 euros in two times, end of December, and end of January 2014.

    DURGA has received her tin sheet roof, yes :o)

    but we definitely have to postpone the other works...


    Second surprise: i go to Istanbul to ultimately talk with our Lawyer about the law suit and the financial situation of the farm, which despite the huge help brought by friends, is not yet solved and stable, ... far from !

    And ... our lawyer OFFERS HIS OWN HELP !

    We then agreed to conclude a kind of financial partnership where the Lawyer will become owner of MOON GARDEN, yet not being able to sell the field to anyone else BUT Yunus Emre farm or me, during 10 years.

    The farm can thus continue to use the field as if it would still be owner.

    Of course some other  conditions apply.

    Our Lawyer as it seems, understood the Yunus Emre farm's message and offered to HELP and this is very beautiful.

    This agreement will allow the farm to:

    -- Pay the lawyer's fees and being without debt regarding law suit.

    -- Sort out the Yoga Studyo Antalya administrative situation, thus allow real development of the studyo, thus -inshallah - enough incomes to cover the farm's expenses ??

    -- Hopefully create a more secure situation regarding finances until the law suit comes to an end...



    It is said that one always receives what ones really NEEDS, at each and every moment of life.

    This is also valid for money.

    I always try to keep this in mind.

    Om shanti






    DURGA 's roof = 5200 TL  = much more than expected for two reasons : first it became necessary to reinforce the roof with metal bars , second, euro and dollar raising up so much for us ....

    LAWYER's fees = 2000 euros paid end of December + end of January

    3000 euros pending, should be paid end of February

    the farm has no debts.


    things happen as they have to happen.

    Om shanti