I often thought like "maybe i did wrong.. that s why the farm burnt ?"

    People even told me often "probably the farm was on a wrong path thats why it has burnt ?"

    Even things like "The farm was badly made that s probably why it has burnt"


    Well these thoughts not only were quite painful but most of all filled me with trouble and doubt..

    There was something wrong in this way of thinking.


    And after a while

    The answer came, CLEAR BRIGHT and with no doubt:


    It is useless to try to explain what cannot be explained

    İt is useless to try to comprehend what is beyond our understanding


    The farm did not burn "because" this or that NO !

    The fire devored the farm ... simple like this .. This is an event like other events which happen in our manifested world and like ALL events, being guided by the Divine Hand, there is no explanation to search for.


    Only our dual mind- ego want to find a "dual" explanation following the rules of our conditionnings and education..

    like something coming to us and so called "pleasant" will be coloured as "positive" and generate pride happiness likewise feelings..

    on the other hand another event appearing "unpleasant" because painful will be coloured as "negative" and generate some feelings like having done something wrong leading to some kind of "punishement".. blame or even guilt of having done something bad ..

    so powerful are our conditionnings...


    Events like Fire come to us in a NEUTRAL manner

    and to comprehend their FULL DIMENSION we have to stay NEUTRAL while crossing them

    NEUTRAL meaning being not identified with ego-mind dual vision no, but being identified with our TRUE BEING : ATMA the SPIRIT

    And this is the very priceless present that brought this event to me:


    Allowing a deeper connection with SPIRIT thus allowing the NEUTRAL vision of the event - neither good nor bad - neither pleasant nor unpleasant - an event-

    Allowing thus to touch the untouchable world and to feel the unvisible world ... the world of SPIRIT ...


    The farm did not burn because it was bad or on a wrong way or wrongly made no

    The farm burnt without reason.

    And i just have to pass through the event CENTERED and full of FAITH

    Identified only with SPIRIT



    The rest is illusion

    Hari Om Tat Sat