here is the video published by the local newspaper on the day of the fire


    the next articles relate events which immediately followed the fire

    as well as reflections, feelings about this experience


    I often thought like "maybe i did wrong.. that s why the farm burnt ?"

    People even told me often "probably the farm was on a wrong path thats why it has burnt ?"

    Even things like "The farm was badly made that s probably why it has burnt"


    Well these thoughts not only were quite painful but most of all filled me with trouble and doubt..

    There was something wrong in this way of thinking.


    And after a while

    The answer came, CLEAR BRIGHT and with no doubt:


    It is useless to try to explain what cannot be explained

    İt is useless to try to comprehend what is beyond our understanding


    The farm did not burn "because" this or that NO !

    The fire devored the farm ... simple like this .. This is an event like other events which happen in our manifested world and like ALL events, being guided by the Divine Hand, there is no explanation to search for.


    Only our dual mind- ego want to find a "dual" explanation following the rules of our conditionnings and education..

    like something coming to us and so called "pleasant" will be coloured as "positive" and generate pride happiness likewise feelings..

    on the other hand another event appearing "unpleasant" because painful will be coloured as "negative" and generate some feelings like having done something wrong leading to some kind of "punishement".. blame or even guilt of having done something bad ..

    so powerful are our conditionnings...


    Events like Fire come to us in a NEUTRAL manner

    and to comprehend their FULL DIMENSION we have to stay NEUTRAL while crossing them

    NEUTRAL meaning being not identified with ego-mind dual vision no, but being identified with our TRUE BEING : ATMA the SPIRIT

    And this is the very priceless present that brought this event to me:


    Allowing a deeper connection with SPIRIT thus allowing the NEUTRAL vision of the event - neither good nor bad - neither pleasant nor unpleasant - an event-

    Allowing thus to touch the untouchable world and to feel the unvisible world ... the world of SPIRIT ...


    The farm did not burn because it was bad or on a wrong way or wrongly made no

    The farm burnt without reason.

    And i just have to pass through the event CENTERED and full of FAITH

    Identified only with SPIRIT



    The rest is illusion

    Hari Om Tat Sat



  • Hari Om,

    Hello to all of you friends of the Yunus Emre farm!


    NEWS are ultimately coming.. you will have now all information about how things are going on the farm regarding the consequences of the fire which took place on the 12 september 2012.

    Different themes will be evoked


    -- List of everything GIVEN to the farm by YOU and of everything that has been purchased or realised thanks to YOUR DONATIONS.

    -- Present situation in the  farm 

    -- Situation of the legal process

    -- New Yoga program: when, where, how it does continue

    -- Plans reflexions et attempts !








    You have been giving so much, be it winter or summer clothes, bed sheets or towels, clothes and curtains, underwears and sportswear .... that i could even share with 3 neighbor families who rejoiced gratifully.




    Now we have everything to cook, dishes of all kind, tea pots, pans etc.. Yet i am still searching for the rare bird... a stove with an oven working with GAZ... well if you know something like this please let me know!!

    Although it is absolutely not vital, it would be a must for home bread and cakes !!



    Sideboard, wardrobe, beds, mats, tables, chairs, armchairs, even decoration objects, carpets, cushions ... made Saraswati become like a real house !



    A computeur and a tablet have been generously given to me. Thanks to them i can be in touch again with you and the world and write presently these texts...



    Isolation material for Saraswati: carpet aluminium folio - probably not the best, but neither too expensive nor too difficult to install, it proves to be yet efficient

    Basic tools to work.

    Material for water system: pipes,taps, watering pipes (it was still very hot in september thus although burnt i continued to water the trees... and they seem to have loved it because they now flourish again ;o))))))))

    Material for electricity: an invertor that i plug onto the car"s battery and provides 220 V from the 12 V battery. Like this i can work on the computeur in the farm, yet sparingly soas not to empty the cars battery.


    LEGAL PROCESS FEES: I am very grateful to all of you for your donations mainly allowed to pay the totality of the legal process fees : 5000 Turkish liras - around 2300 Euros; Huge amount that i could not have paid otherwise...


    Let me add also that we spent a very nice day with Antalya friends working on the isolation of Saraswati.

    Hopefully other days like this will take place !









    The farm's appearance is definitely changing, drastically i should say...

    And now is more like a battlefield than a yogic farm !

    Everywhere bulldozer, trucks, tractors, and other big machines ...

    Noise, trees cut, trees falling everywhere, motor oil leaking on the field, village and forest people putting often garbage everywhere ....

    Well enough to sometimes become crazy and shout on everyone with pain and anger !!!

    Just cultures clash !!

    Different visions about things ...

    So because the yogi should be equanime in any situation, content whatever happens, this is what i try to cultivate however difficult it may be...

    Anger may come out, tears and shout may come out ... like a storm .. but inside the witness is calm and observes ...



    Because however difficult those times are, they are for sure the opportunity to evolve thanks to the Yogic and Sufi vision.

    The transformation that occurs outside, is for sure also happening inside... Mirrors

    So the main thing is to stay CENTERED, whatever the tsunamis or volcanos of emotions emerging suddently with overwhelming energy obscuring the clear  vision ...


    So keep contact with Clear Vision and Non Attachement whatever happens and be faithful in that ....

    EVERYTHING that HAPPENS, happens for our GOOD and that of the UNIVERSE;


    without any exception


    Thanks to this very strong certitude rooted in me, i  can go through those events without becoming (too much !!!) crazy !!!



    However once these terrible works will be finished, the same forest people, villagers and workers will look after the farm:

    The field will be cleaned up, and ploughth according to my choices, the way i want.

    And then the forest people will give to the farm lots of TREES and PLANT THEM for us.

    So there is an interesting work going on with the Chief of the Forest Emin who is really helpfull at all levels whatever the difficulties that arise...

    So hopefully these works will be finished before winter.. inshallah !

    Next step in the next e-gazet with pictures :o)





    The farms lawyer has sent all the papers to the Court and now we wait for the first hearing, which should take place around January February.

    Yet nothing very important will take place there. Every participant will only expose his case and requests.

    So more to be known much much later, for it should take long time, at least one year, probably more.

    Why so long if the responsible people have confessed their guilt?

    Because there are so many people and companies involved that the big problem will be to find WHICH of them will accept fully the responsability and pay....

    So ... more about this much much later in 2013 ...







    The Yoga program in Antalya broadens :o)

    There will be two days HATHA YOGA  classes, on wednesdays and thursdays, and in addition one evening with MEDITATION practices and MAHA MRITYUN JAYA MANTRA chanting followed by KIRTANS on the tuesdays.

    You may see all details from HERE

    And deep thanks to ALL of you who make this possible by spreading the word, letting people know, by helping, and or participating .... thus taking also part in the life of the Yunus Emre farm who continues to fly like the Phoenix :o)))





    Yogi's work is to live the present moment.

    Yet having plans, project, ideas allow to focus our energy (sankalpa) and build the future.

    The main thing is to try to align our plans- desires with the ones of the Universe.

    When our own individual plans projects are not that of the Universe, then Life shows us the lesson and it is often painful, and can only be painful if we do not accept to align with the Universe"s wishes...

    For this, only SURRENDER can help.

    Surrender or total FAITH in Life, in the Universe, giving up all desires to That which is Above and Superior to us...

    SURRENDER only can help us to slowly slowly find the way to align our individual plans-desires with the Universe's one...

    Then, and only then, pain and suffering dissappear


     Karma Dharma are in tune with eachother.




    So with huge humility we can try to plan some ideas ... and letting their realisation in the hands of the Universe ...


    WINTER :

    Thanks to Mr the Kaymakam (Prefect), I may stay for free, in a warm and dry place for winter, in a kind of hotel in Bucak.I am writing these lines from there.

    And hopefully using the daily shuttles (not always reliable though) i can come and go from Bucak to the farm, look after the dear animals (missing them already !!!) and come back in a warm place.

    This may take place until spring /or until a house is built for me.

    ANd there we come to the second plan suggested by Mr Kaymakam: we have made application for Help towards the Emergency Help Department of the Turkish Gouvernement, which looks after people after earthquakes, floods or fire events ...

    So the application has gone and is now in the hands of the Governement and .. the Universe !

    So .. you may wish to help too by sending your good wishes and energies so that this help might be granted ... and thus a house built for me  ???      :o)))




    Again under many many conditions ... so only if ... if ... if actually the Universe agrees,

    maybe the building of my house could take place

    and maybe the building of other places like common house, kitchen, showers and toilets, all according to a new design which is under study with the KKY team whom i thank deeply !

    So although all these constructions are planned to be made with local natural thus cheap material,

    Although these constructions are planned to be realised by organising eco building camps with volunteers and karma yogis

    there will still be need of money...even little ... so that they might become realised.


    Inshallah ... hopefully the Universe will help, and you can also help by sending your good energies and wishes and vibrations .. :o))

    Donations are also always welcome of course:o) (Paypal : email :yunusemrefarm@yahoo.com  )

    So specific news will be published when camps may take shape ...


    And whatever the future will bring

    my only wish is

    to put my wishes

    in TUNE

    with those of the Universe.



    Om shanti






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