Nothing really important for this first hearing, judge lawyer come into contact and exchange their informations

    Next hearing will be on 21 september 2013

  • LEGAL SITUATION - the steps after the fire

    Around 13 september 2012
    Right after the fire, investigation have been made by the police, showing that the fire started from the dam construction site, situated 500 meters below the farm.
    Workers were welding somethings and bushes started to burn. The workers tried to extinguish the fire before calling the firemen, and then it was too late, fire was uncontrollable.
    They wrote and signed a paper according to this.

    Around end september 2012
    A suit has been brought with the Yunus Emre farm’s lawyer, who can speak perfectly french and turkish (and english).
    At first our claim has been registered.
    Then we had to wait for the opposite side’s answers.
    There are three adverse sides:
    The workers;
    The compagnie for which they were working, Yildiz Elektrik;
    The compagnie above them, DSI, which employed Yildiz elektrik.

    End of february 2013
    The reply comes.
    The workers now say that they have extinguished the fire they caused.
    The Yildiz company says that the workers were not under its responsability and that the Yildiz company does not exist.
    The DSI company says that nothing is under its responsability.
    All of them say that we ask for too much money.

    The lawyer said that all that is nothing but normal.
    He replied with evidences showing that all none of the opposite answers can be taken seriously.
    It appears obvious that none of them is serious.... but lets see what the judge will conclude

    Next step : the Court.
    Everyone should be present, or at least represented by the lawyers.
    But according to the lawyer, in the court nothing really important happens.
    In Turkey everything happens before, people writing letters and replying and writing etc..
    And in the Court, the Judge will learn about this exchange only.
    Lets see.

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